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“A beautifully written story of triumph, wit and sheer determination to survive.”
~W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author

 "I’ve been raving like a maniac about this book ever since I read it. I honestly don’t remember reading a memoir this compelling and inspirational since The Glass Castle."
~Carla Levy, Editor-at-large, Good Housekeeping  

 “A remarkable, inspiring story.”
~Jane Heller, bestselling author

 “In The Size of Everything, Erin Cole and Jenna McCarthy have practically invented a new genre. At turns heartbreaking, sweet, and inspirational, this book reveals new pockets of reality while slowly and slyly making you fall in love with one of the toughest protagonists you’ll ever meet.”
~Travis Sentell, author of Fluid and In the Shadow of Freedom

 “A searing account of a broken, devastating childhood and the triumph that emerged in spite of—and because of—the wreckage. What a book.”
~Allison Winn Scotch, bestselling author 

“I was captivated by The Size of Everything from the very first page. With a magical blend of moments funny, uplifting and unforgiving, Cole and McCarthy have managed to turn a gruesome past into poetry. Get ready to fall in love.”
~Elizabeth Lyons, bestselling author